Agile Development = Delphi XE + C++Builder XE + Delphi Prism XE + RadPHP XE

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Today we published the second RAD Studio XE Preview video, which include the new version of Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and RadPHP (formaly Delphi for PHP), this video  will demonstrate how you can accelerate your development process and improve the quality of your applications using some great third party tools included in RAD Studio XE.

The video will show:

  • FinalBuilder tools (in Enterprise and Architect) to automate your build process
  • Command line audits, metrics and doc generation to add even more functionality to your automated builds
  • AQTime profiling features to deliver high performance apps
  • CodeSite logging tools to help you build high quality apps

Watch the video:

More previews next week, for a while visit the RAD Studio XE Preview page

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
6 replies
  1. Michael Thuma
    Michael Thuma says:

    So you passed the test:-). Kidding. I like the stories, they are really the essence of what is needed.

    I do Agile on Delphi since 5 years now – but always little limited just as a hobbyist beside regual work. The only problem I have as one man is pair programming, but maybe we can in a few years debug together over the internet, at least his.

    Scrum is honestly not the one and only but for me it is a very straight and practical approach but is assuming that peoople know the solid basics of the technical part of what comes with Agile. For this D2011 is an opportunity to jump in. There is a good discussion about this in the community.

    I don’t know if Gartner is right – but assuming somehow that half or more of the devlopments are managed in Scrum – assuming that Scrum Masters stay with the boots on the earth when it comes to in reading the burndonw charts and or compare a teams velocity to other teams … or decduct team performance from this – Agile/Scrum is solid.

    Somehow I really appreiciate what comes on board. It was long time required.

  2. Dorin Duminica
    Dorin Duminica says:

    I don’t see any of the features interesting, if I want any third party components and/or applications I buy them, I don’t see why Embarcadero is wasting our time with this kind of crap… it’s clearly a marketing movement – in stead of releasing a powerful version with less bugs and maybe 64 bit compiler or maybe… just MAYBE a cross platform compiler they just join forces with other companies and try to sell us stuff that a big percent of us will NOT use or already using…

    • Andreano Lanusse
      Andreano Lanusse says:

      Dorin, maybe the XE features is not interesting for you, but for sure is interesting for other developers. I recommend you to review the features since the version you are using, for sure you will see value. The third party tools is great, try first and you will see


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