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Shell Extension for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit with Delphi XE2 or XE3

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Compile Delphi code for 64-bit platform is possible now with Delphi XE2 and XE3, developers can go beyond Windows 32-bit and start creating Windows Shell Extension for Windows 64-bit. Shell Extensions are in-process COM objects which extends the abilities of Windows OS. In this post I’m going to add two new context menu items in […]

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first choice for PHP Developers


Today I was reading the article “Developers will flock to public cloud in 2012”, which pretty much goes over some of the results of Zend survey with 3,335 developers, and of course if not all of them the majority PHP developers. This survey brings some interesting information, the first one related with the use of […]

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Microsoft Windows Azure during 30 days FREE

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Microsoft is offering Windows Azure platform 30 day free pass for anyone who want to try their Cloud environment. If you are Delphi or C++Builder developer and want to see how Windows Azure platform works, this is the chance. Delphi XE and C++Builder XE shipped a set of components to work with Windows Azure accounts. Windows Azure (not […]

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Test our DataSnap XE Live Server on Amazon Cloud

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Here is the deal, we deployed an InterBase and simple DataSnap server application on Amazon EC2 and make available the DataSnap client in Delphi. If you would like to see how much faster DataSnap XE is, download the client application built in Delphi and navigate through the application. The Amazon instance will be running for […]

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DataSnap XE and Windows Azure – RAD Studio XE Preview #3

One of the great news around RAD Studio XE is the Cloud support, in this video we show how to access Microsoft Azure through the DataSnap Server XE, as well some of the new features in DataSnap like authentication and authorization to execute the server methods. Now take some time and visit the  RAD Studio XE […]

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