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TDBXJsonTools copy/convert data between TDataSet – TJSONObject – DBXReader

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You can copy data from DBXReader to ClientDataSet and vice-versa using dbxExpress framework, you probably already read some of my blog posts where I explain how it works in desktop applications, however in mobile platforms we don’t have ClientDataSet and in case you want something similar you always, what can you do? DataSnap Mobile Connectors […]

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DataSnap 2010 – sending and receiving objects

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If you start to use or migrate your application to the new DataSnap you may ask how to transfer objects between client/server. The data types allowed to be transfered in DataSnap 2009 is limited to the dbExpress data types, but in DataSnap 2010 part of Delphi 2010 you are allowed to transfer any kind of […]

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