Copying data from DBXReader to ClientDataSet

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If you are using DataSnap 2010/XE for sure use DBXFramework, which I strong recommend for operations where you don’t use Data Aware components or bi-directional datasets.

There are situations where you will need to copy data from DBXReader to TClientDataSet or TParams, for this kind of situation Delphi has the unit DBXDBReaders.pas, which contain some classes that allow this kind of operation.

The TDBXDataSetReader class contain the method CopyReaderToClientDataSet, on this method you pass the DBXReader that contain the data to copy to the ClientDataSet, which is the second parameter, the follow code demonstrate that:

  Reader: TDBXReader;
  DepClient: TDepartmentClient;
  DepClient := TDepartmentClient.Create(DMClientContainer.MyDSServer.DBXConnection, False);

    Reader := DepClient.GetDepartmentsOrderBy;

      if Assigned(Reader) then
        TDBXDataSetReader.CopyReaderToClientDataSet(Reader, DMClientContainer.CDSCopy);


The ClientDataSet CDSCopy already exist and is part of the DataModule DMClientContainer. if you don’t have a ClientDataSet created, use the method TDBXDataSetReader.ToClientDataSet, it wil return a new ClientDataSet.

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3 Responses to Copying data from DBXReader to ClientDataSet

  1. Reply Samuel says:

    A função TDBXDataSetReader.CopyReaderToClientDataSet
    acaba truncando os campos no cliente dataset! Como Resolver?

    • Reply Andreano Lanusse says:

      Oi Samuel,

      Vai na unit DBXDBReaders na procedure CopyValueTypeProperties, localize a linha onde está
      if ValueType.DataType = TDBXDataTypes.WideStringType then

      e mude para

      if ValueType.DataType in [TDBXDataTypes.WideStringType, TDBXDataTypes.AnsiStringType] then

      Isso irá resolver o problema de truncar.

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