Delphi XE5 Update 1 – fixes for serious issues on ClientDataSet

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The Update 1 for Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5 has been released.

This update touch some areas like FireDAC, FireMonkey, Debugger, IDE and mainly ClientDataSet. Below a list of fixes related to ClientDataSet, which I consider critical errors and a blocker for anyone that was looking to migrate to XE5.

Quality Central Reference No. Summary Component/s
118951 Numeric Filters on a TClientDataSet do not filter Data, Data\Midas
119028 Linker error: TXMLTransformProvider libraries missing Data, Data\Midas
119164 Attempting to use MIDAS (eg TClientDataset) in the simulator on iOS7 fails Data, Data\Midas
119432 TClientDataSet.Locate method fails to work properly with XE5 midas.dll Data, Data\Midas
  Application stops when driver is missing Data, Data\FireDAC
  [Phys]-300 on connecting using Oracle / MSSQL / etc drivers using Arch SKU at design-time Data, Data\FireDAC


For a complete list of the specific problems fixed in this update, click here.

Download Links

You can download the update 1 installer or a new fresh ISO that includes Update 1:

That’s is, have fun.

6 Responses to Delphi XE5 Update 1 – fixes for serious issues on ClientDataSet

  1. Reply Eko Indriyawan says:

    Web Service for Android also big issue need to be solved soon before many embarcadero customers disappointed to purchase it soon…:)

  2. Reply Arioch says:

    but they still did not fixed the broken compiler, which in my eyes are more EMBT-only technology than any library including even midas. So it should have more priority, as no one outside EMBT can make patches for it.

  3. Reply KMorwath says:

    XE5 Beta 1 is out. Now let’s wait for the next 3-4 betas before Emb starts again with XE6 Alpha.

  4. Reply Donald Shimoda says:

    @eko, what is the problem with web services on android? Im running web services on iOS fine. Can you explain please?

  5. Reply Sebastian Jänicke says:

    Yes, this was a show stopper for us. We are glad that this is solved now. We already tested it, now everything works fine again.

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