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Novell released Mono 2.8 with .NET 4 support

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Novell announced today a major upgrade to the Mono developer platform – Mono 2.8, which includes new features, stability fixes, performance work and bug fixes. During the follow weeks I will update my Ubuntu VM and Windows 7 with this version, and of course update my Delphi Prism projects. The highlights of this release include: […]

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CodeRage 5 – Build .NET applications for iPhone and Linux with Delphi Prism

Today I will be at CodeRage presenting “Building Managed Code Cross Platform Applications with Delphi Prism”, it starts at 3:00pm (PST). On this session I will be talking about Delphi Prism and .NET development using Novell’s Mono and MonoTouch Framework. I will explain the requirements to start using Mono and MonoTouch, what kind of support […]

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