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Sharing DB connection between multiples DataSnap Server Modules

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When developers starts creating Delphi DataSnap application it is very common to see the database connection defined per Data Module. Doing this will generate a lot of connections on the database, and depending on the situation it will became a problem. In Delphi XE, DataSnap introduce the Session Management that will make easy to implement […]

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White Paper: Reasons to Migrate to Delphi XE – What you might have missed since Delphi 7

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Delphi community, many of you have been looking for compelling reasons to migrate to Delphi XE, each developer in a old version of Delphi. This article gives a few good reasons to migrate, along with an overview of the most important features added to Delphi product releases since version 7. If you already read my […]

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“Linq to Directories/Files” – Enumerating Directories and Files with Delphi Prism and .NET 4

.NET 4 allow you to enumerate directories and files by using methods that return an enumerable collection of strings of their names, also you can use methods that return an enumerable collection of DirectoryInfo, FileInfo, or FileSystemInfo objects, these objects are very powerfull and make easy the development. Before .NET 4 you could only obtain […]

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