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DataSnap 2010 authentication throught TCP/IP Transport

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One of the common questions that I get asked about DataSnap is related to authentication in a DataSnap Server using TCP/IP as the transport (TDSTCPServerTransporter component). If you are considering the HTTP transporter it is not a problem, the authentication component is there and provides an event for this. It makes sense to ask about […]

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Bye Bye old office, welcome the new office


15 years since I started in Borland, which 3 years here in Scotts Valley at the beautiful Enterprise Way office, but Monday starts a new day, new location, new office, and much faster internet :). Granite Creek Business Center, here in Scotts Valley became our new office, where we will keep working hard to make […]

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Using LINQ to Objetcs in Delphi Prism

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During the last 10 year languages, frameworks and development platforms became better and better, we know many of this improvement, but in my opinion LINQ is one of the biggest innovations in the last 10 years. LINQ is a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and transform operations. It […]

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