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Software Development, technologies and other matters #5

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My monthly summary is back after long time, let’s try to keep this up to date every month ­čÖé Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 finally available, hackers had a lot of work to break the new Apple A5 devices. If you are interested to know how to use the Cloud to scale your […]

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first choice for PHP Developers


Today I was reading the article “Developers will flock to public cloud in 2012”, which pretty much goes over some of the results of Zend survey with 3,335 developers, and of course if not all of them the majority PHP developers. This survey brings some interesting information, the first one related with the use of […]

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Android apps connected to Delphi DataSnap Server

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On the following video I’m showing how you can create DataSnap REST Server in Delphi, expose server methods and call them from an Android application. The video shows all the steps to create the server and the Android application. This is a short recap of the video. In order to have other platforms connecting and […]

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Using Regular Expression on C++Builder FireMonkey Application

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Here another C++ example showing how to use the RTL regular expression on C++Builder FireMonkey Application. This example ┬ávalidate a string content based on four different regular expression, which are: Checks if the given text is a validate e-mail address Checks if the given text contains a valid IP address Checks if the given text […]

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Using dbExpress Framework on Windows and Mac with C++Builder

During the following weeks I’m writing a series of C++ examples to demonstrate the use of VCL, FireMonkey, RTL, dbExpress, and others stuff. Each example will have a major focus, but you will be able to learn other stuffs as well. If there is something specific on C++ you would like to see, please let […]

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