Performance benchmark from Delphi 2010 to Delphi XE6

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Thomas Grubb from Words from a Delphi CodeSmith blog, did a fantastic job comparing performance from Delphi 2010 to XE6. His motivation around this benchmark was to validate Delphi Quality, Performance, and Stability (QPS) over the years, specially now where Embarcadero claims a lot of focus on these areas with Delphi XE6 release.

His tests include VCL, FireMonkey, Win32, Win64, Android, iOS, OSX and third party library.

The whole series is based in 12 blog posts as you can se below.

Again, congratulations Thomas for the fantastic job and time invested on that. I think everyone on the Delphi community will appreciate.

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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  1. Tom Grubb
    Tom Grubb says:

    Hi Andreano,
    Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading! It was a lot of work, but if it helps people and they appreciate it, it was worth it. I know I was surprised by some results by the time I finished.

  2. A. Bouchez
    A. Bouchez says:

    This set of benchmarks is informative… but I’m always doubtful about the question asked itself.
    IMHO there is no “compiler magic”, something like marketing sirens of saying “the new compiler will generate faster code, because it is newer”.
    To be honest, the Delphi compiler did not improve much since Delphi 6/7/2007.
    The RTL did slow down in fact…
    The compiler is NOT the true bottleneck of any business application, even if it does make a difference for floating-point arithmetic, due to new hardware support.
    I’ve just published some benchmarks about Delphi 6, 7, 2007, XE4 and XE6, under Win32 and Win64, and my experiment is that those compilers generates more or less the same code…


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