FireMonkey 3D Text Editor Delphi source code available

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The source code for the FireMonkey 3D Text Editor is available on RAD Studio SourceForge repository.

You can check out the code using the following command line:

For Delphi XE2
svn co

For Delphi XE3
svn co

Through this sample you can learn lots of FireMonkey features, have fun!!!

6 Responses to FireMonkey 3D Text Editor Delphi source code available

  1. Reply Paul says:

    I just checked out the demos, but I don’t see the 3dText app. In fact, I can’t see any FireMonkey demos. Am I missing something?

  2. Reply Paul says:

    My fault. Only checked out trunc. The Firemonkey demos are in branches.

  3. Reply Bo Chen Lin says:

    Is it written in XE update 4?

  4. Reply Karina says:

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    Is that possible?

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