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Delphi ConferenceNovember was a busy month for me in Latin America with a lot of events, including Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil. I didn’t have time to blog about each one, but all of the events was fantastic. In particular, I would like to comment about the Delphi Conference in Brazil which was very special for me.

This event was the first after our traditional old BorCon (Borland Conference).Because of the acquisition last year and many other things going on, we weren’t able to put on a big show like BorCon — but this year was different. Delphi Conferences started in many different countries in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica), and a lot of people showed up. The event in Brazil was no different, as it included 26 presentations, 4 simultaneous tracks and over 500 Delphi developers in attendance. Everybody was really excited about Delphi 2010.

DavidI and I (Andreano Lanusse) just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Brazilian community for your support, passion, and loyalty. You have continued to make Delphi stronger and stronger over the years.

All of the slides and samples are available in CodeCentral, of course in portuguese :), but google is your friend.

Here some pictures of the event of the year 2009 – Delphi Conference Brazil:

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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