Delphi 2010 launch in Mexico D.F. RECORD OF ATTENDANCE

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Today was a great day, the Delphi developers in Mexico D.F. had the opportunity to see Delphi 2010. I have many great news, the first one is the record of attendance on this event, 240 developers, who came late had a hard time to find a seat :). Tom Gerdes and I (Andreano Lanusse) didn’t stop during the break, the attendees were very interested, at the end I expend more 40 minutes answer questions, getting feedbacks, suggestions, etc.

I hear so many words like “Delphi 2010 is great!!!”, “I’m definitely moving to Delphi 2010”, “DataSnap is great”, “Touch and Gesture Rocks”, and also the Firebird users are VERY HAPPY!!!!

Those words sound like music, the entire team is grateful.

Here some pictures of the event in Mexico D.F.

Delphi 2010 Launch in Mexico

No distraction, everybody watching the demos.

Delphi 2010 Launch in Mexico - Break time

Coffe-break, everybody hungry and running, only 10 minutes break, too much features to present.

DelphiAccess Team

Members of the, the Spanish Delphi forum.
I’m so proud of this group, they have great ideas and are helping the community every day.

Well, now is time to back to US and prepare the online presentation for the Spanish countries in Latin America, also prepare the Delphi 2010 training for Brazil, yep September 15th the Brazilian Delphi community will have a full day training in Delphi 2010, the event is FREE!!!

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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