Delphi 64-bit Compiler Preview and Beta Program

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Our first official Delphi 64-bit sneak preview is available now here.

The video gives an introduction to 64-bit development with Delphi and tips for Delphi Developers around VCL, RTL, Windows API, etc. It’s a good starting point to be prepared for the 64-bit development.

Also you can obtain more information about what’s coming filling out the form on the 64-bit preview page, as well if you wanna be part of the 64-bit compiler beta program and help us to test, just answer Yes on the same form.

The owners of Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE licenses will have priority access to the beta program, and having space available the non-XE users will be added.

If you are not familiar with 64-bit development, I recommend you start reading Matt Pietrek’s article “Everything You Need To Know To Start Programming 64-Bit Windows Systems“.

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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  1. Tukae
    Tukae says:


    Personaly, I have being doing survey about Delphi around where I am living and I summerised what people have been saying about Delphi.
    Here it is:

    1. Delphi Starter should be available as free downloads for all. (People can pay USD10-20 for DVD postage stamps).

    2. Reduce yearly new Delphi IDE product forsale instaed release bug fixes or update.

    3. Emb should think and buy Morik company inorder to have more chance of getting their company on track winning as number one position. Also to attract more customers to Delphi Web Application (3rd party can also create and sell components (package) for it).

    After releasing XE2. What do you think?

  2. Pieter Viljoen
    Pieter Viljoen says:


    I would rather PAY for Delphi to have good quality software, than have to waste money and resources struggling to get by without a decent compiler, IDE and components !!!!

  3. genyus00
    genyus00 says:

    Hola, cuando sale el nuevo delphi 64bits? y si ya esta, donde lo puedo descargar, soy usuario con licencia de delphi XE.. gracias.


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