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It has been two months since my last blog post and lot of stuff going on in the meantime. I want to start saying thanks to everyone for all the message via comments here on my blog and e-mails sent direct to em, it’s such a good felling when we have our work recognized and rewarding to know that I could help many developers around the world, once again thanks everyone.

Since then I have been super busy on my new job at Rally Software. Rally is the leader in Agile ALM and one of the major supporters of the agile movement. Rally’s ALM solution is fully based on Agile methodology, web-based, provide integration with many IDE’s, requirement management systems, source control management and much more.

Beyond the software development topics already covered here in my blog, agile methodologies will become part of my favorite topics, where I will discuss agiles values, the importance of teamwork, leadership applied to the agile and non-agile world, and other related subjects.

For those of you that has been following me for awhile, probably remember the Borland ALM times where we not only discuss about software development, but also about ALM Tools,  methodologies and processes, mostly of the discussions centric on waterfall model, which today is heavy, expensive and exceeded model in most cases.

Now on my new world I will bring the agile perspective and when possible compare with other models, clarifying the respective advantages and disadvantages, benefits, challenges, etc. .. Also, be able to share the Rally’s agile experience will be something unique, agile is  rooted in the culture of the company and this is a very important element when a organization starts the transformation to agile. Knowing this I will be sharing here on my blog several articles to make your team an agile team, show how Rally can help on this process and discuss SCRUM and Kanban frameworks.

See you on my next blog post and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @andreanolanusse

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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  1. Spider
    Spider says:

    I’m very interested in Agile topics and glad to know you will be talking about that.

    Congratulations on your new job

  2. pdn
    pdn says:

    I used Rally on my previous job and loved, great to know you part of Rally now, it seems you are in a much better place.


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