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If you are following me on Twitter, probably read some of my message mentioning “message sent from Delphi Twitter client” and it was true.

During the last 2 weeks I have been working to create a Twitter desktop client in Delphi, this weekend I made a lot of progress.

The first release you will be able to see your recent messages, retwitter and add favorites. The application will use around 6-7MB RAM and EXE file less them 3MB.

Here a first screenshot, using the VCL components.

Delphi Twitter Desktop Client

I expected to release the first version in 2 weeks, and yes I will provide the source code. I’m looking to host the project on SourceForge.

I need to define the name for this application, based on legal reason we can’t use the name Twitter. We can use like TwiDDer, TwiiPPer, anything like that, but again no Twitter, understandable they wanna protect the brand.

So I would like to ask for the Delphi Community “What name should we give for this application?”, please add your comments.

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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