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CopyReaderToClientDataSet after XE2 – Where are you?

CopyReaderToClientDataSet copies the contents of a TDBXReader into a TClientDataSet instance. It returns the same TClientDataSet instance that was passed to this method. CopyReaderToClientDataSet is part of the Data.DBXDBReaders.TDBXDataSetReader class until Delphi/C++Builder XE2, however in XE3 it changed a little bit, it became part of a new class called Data.DBXCDSReaders.TDBXClientDataSetReader. I got several e-mails from my blog readers that downloaded some of my […]


CopyReaderToClientDataSet, Blob and the message “Feature not implemented”

If you have used the method TDBXDataSetReader.CopyReaderToClientDataSet, you probably came across with the message “Feature not implemented”, this exception occurs because the method CopyReaderToClientDataSet can’t copy Blob fields from the DBXReader to the ClientDataSet. This is no longer a problem, Delphi XE2 Update 2 changed this behavior and now supports Blob text fields when using the CopyReaderToClientDataSet […]


Caching data on DataSnap Server

DataSnap memory management is very powerful and a key DataSnap feature to implement cache solution. Imagine the scenario where the client application requests the same data thousands of times every day. You will have to touch the database every time. Let’s assume this data doesn’t change very often, like list of countries, states or cities. […]


Copying data from DBXReader to ClientDataSet

If you are using DataSnap 2010/XE for sure use DBXFramework, which I strong recommend for operations where you don’t use Data Aware components or bi-directional datasets. There are situations where you will need to copy data from DBXReader to TClientDataSet or TParams, for this kind of situation Delphi has the unit DBXDBReaders.pas, which contain some […]