Review: Pink The Funhouse Concert was GREAT

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Last week I attended the great Pink (P!nk) concert The Funhouse here in San Jose, California, the show was in HP Pavilion and just have one think to say, the best show ever.

Pink is definitely a diva and for sure her last album the best ever. On the stage she is not only the singer, she dance with the group which has a great choreography, single the best soungs, do some acrobatics, and more. The scenario, ballet dancer, performances, music, band and the high energy during the show makes everybody happy.

Pink voandoPink starting the show

Pink cantandoSingle Please don’t leave me

Pink de langerieeYes, this is part of the Show 🙂

Pink o conjuntoGuitar, violin, and Pink together, great moment

My recommendation is just one, don’t miss this show, if you have the opportunity GO!!!!

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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