CodeRage 5 – Build .NET applications for iPhone and Linux with Delphi Prism

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Today I will be at CodeRage presenting “Building Managed Code Cross Platform Applications with Delphi Prism”, it starts at 3:00pm (PST).

On this session I will be talking about Delphi Prism and .NET development using Novell’s Mono and MonoTouch Framework. I will explain the requirements to start using Mono and MonoTouch, what kind of support they provide, how works the architecture and more.

As well I will cover development and deployment on Linux of ASP.NET and .NET WebServices using Mono and Delphi Prism IDE, also iPhone development through MonoTouch and Mono IDE integrated with Delphi Prism.

My session only starts at 3:00pm (PST) but CodeRage starts at 5:00AM (PST), check the agenda and have fun!!!

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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