Apple battle iAd vs Google AdSense and HTML5 vs Flash

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Last week was a busy week for Apple, starting with the new iPhone agreement to develop applications using the SDK 4. I don’t want to make comments about that at this point. I believe anything can happen before they release the iPhone SDK 4, moving forward Steve Jobs presented the first preview of the iPhone OS 4, which finally will support Multitasking :), but the main point during his presentation was the iAd announcement which in my opinion impact Adobe and Google.

Months ago Apple acquired Quattro Wireless, a major player in mobile ad space, during this event Steve Jobs announced an advertising service called iAd, which offers more them simple advertisement service. When you touch an ads in iPhone today you are redirected to a browser closing your application, the new iAd is integrated in the platform and will change the user experience allowing to see ads without quit of the application. Apple will provide the whole ads infrastructure and will share the revenue with the developers.

Steve Jobs used an News app to demo the iAd integration, the app included a Toy Store iAd banner. coincidence or not the ads use HTML 5 and not Flash. Steve wasn’t subtly and mention HTML 5 at least three times, you can see the audience laughing out loud.

It seems iAd and HTML 5 are part of apple strategy to kill Flash, at the same time will help Apple to increase revenue, will be interesting to see Google strategy to convince developer to use AdSense instead iAd.

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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