Android Studio preview – The new Google IDE is out

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Last week at Google I/O, Google announced the Android Studio, their new Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA.

Android Studio is FREE and can download the early preview version here. I just installed on my Mac, the IDE supports Windows and Linux as well. I played a little bit during the last 2 days and I’m very impressed.

Today’s Android development is supported in Eclipse through the ADT (Android Development Toolkit plugin), and every developer can take advantage of the Eclipse ecosystem. I have been using Eclipse for Android development, but certainly I see space for improvement and more specific features related to Android development.

Android Studio is built on top of IntelliJ’s community version and now with Google Engineer working on that, just imagine what they will be able to produce. I just played few hours with Android Studio, their source code editor ROCKS it goes beyond of features already applied in other IDEs, the Designer is awesome and gives you a view of your application not only for one device, but for many others include tablets. Also, you can easily import your projects from Eclipse in to Android Studio.

Android Studio

Android Studio multi device preview

Watch the following video and you will have a pretty good idea about what I’m talking about.

That’s it for now.

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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  1. C Johnson
    C Johnson says:

    Ok, now Delphi’s IDE is stuck in a different century, forget the decade. This is clear proof over what an awesome IDE can do.

      • Andreano Lanusse
        Andreano Lanusse says:


        Layout editor is one aspect of the IDE, there are many other cool stuffs, of course some of them already available in other IDE’s like Delphi, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc..

        IMO Android Studio bring some great stuffs to the table, which in some points other IDE’s will copy, which is fine. Everybody will take advantage 🙂

  2. Markus Ja
    Markus Ja says:

    Doesn’t look good for Delphi for Android.
    Hopefully, EMB is now more encouraged to produce higher quality for the IDE and the FMX framework!


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