2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa #1

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The World Cup started and great to see the happiness of Africans with this event, which besides football means a lot to them, the world’s eyes are turned to Africa for the next 30 days.

The social aspect is important and will certainly make a difference in the future of Africans.

Too early to point favorites, but what I could see today, Argentina play very well against Nigeria and improve from last year which was terrible, the South Africa team in my opinion deserved to won against Mexico, sorry my Mexican friends, especially in the second half where they played better. Everybody desire to see South Africa on the second phase.

The World Cup news today was a terrible mistake from England’s Robert Green gave USA a share of the spoils in Group C’s. The game France and Uruguay is not worth comment, was an ugly game to see.

Lets see what comes next and hope the Brazilian national team debut towards the HEXA!

Let's share the knowledge with your friends
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